Reddit Profile Analyzer Scary Insights Revealed

Reddit Profile Analyzer

Reddit Profile Analyzer: AI Psychological Evaluation of Your Comments


Welcome to the world of Reddit Profile Analyzer, a groundbreaking tool leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT!

This tool is a treasure for those intrigued by the psychological dimensions of Reddit users, offering a detailed analysis based on their comments and interactions on the platform.

Let’s dive in to explore how this tool works, its applications, and how you can use it!

How it Works

The Reddit Profile Analyzer is not just another tool; it’s a meticulous analyst that breaks comments obtained from Reddit into manageable chunks, performing in-depth analyses on each.

It uses the prompts located in the script file, which can be tuned to preference, to guide the process and analyze various categories, providing insights into the user’s psychological profile.

The tool then synthesizes these individual analyses into one comprehensive and insightful analysis, shedding light on the psychological makeup of the Redditor in question.

Instructions for Use

To get started with this innovative tool, follow these steps:

  1. Get an API key for ChatGPT: Secure it from your OpenAI account website.
  2. Install Python: Ensure the setup of environment variables to use command line commands.
  3. Install Necessary Packages: Run pip install openai, pip install pandas, and pip install beautifulsoup4 in the command line.
  4. Clone the Repository: Save it to a local folder.
  5. Create API Key File: Name it chatgpt_api_key.txt and enter your API key as the file’s content.
  6. Search for Comments: Visit, type the username to be summarized, and click ‘Search’.
  7. Save the HTML File: Rename it to {username}.html and place it inside the directory.
  8. Check Files in Directory: Ensure the presence of,, chatgpt_api_key.txt, and yourusername.html.
  9. Run the Script: Execute python yourusername in the command line.

Applications and Benefits

The Reddit Profile Analyzer is not just a tool but a gateway to understanding the intricate human mind. It’s beneficial for researchers studying online behavior, marketers understanding consumer behavior, and individuals keen on self-reflection.

The detailed psychological insights provided by the tool can be pivotal in studying behavioral patterns and making informed decisions.

Security Note

Your security is our priority! While creating the API Key File, ensure to review the script files meticulously. We emphasize the importance of verifying the safety of your API keys to prevent any misuse by malicious actors.

Rest assured, the tool is designed with stringent safety measures to safeguard your information.

Engage with Us!

We invite you to try the Reddit Profile Analyzer and explore the psychological landscapes of Reddit users. Visit the GitHub Repository to get started and don’t hesitate to leave your valuable comments/feedback.

For any queries or issues related to the tool, contact the creator, Grays42, on Reddit at /u/Grays42 or explore other contact methods available on the repository.


The Reddit Profile Analyzer is a revolutionary tool that opens new horizons in understanding human psychology through online interactions.

Its user-friendly design, detailed instructions, and high-level security make it a valuable resource for anyone eager to delve into the psychological realms of Reddit users.

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