Top 10 Best AI YouTube Channels to Follow in 2023

Top 10 AI YouTube Channels

Introduction to AI YouTube Channels

Here are my curated Top 10 AI YouTube Channels I recommend following. In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, staying updated with the latest trends, breakthroughs, and insights is crucial.

As AI is continually evolving keeping update to write new blogs and articles, I rely on all of these AI YouTubers to keep me up to date on the latest developments in AI.

YouTube has become a hub for AI enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals to share their knowledge and passion.

Here are the top 10 AI YouTubers you should be following in 2023!

Prompt Engineering – YouTube

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Prompt Engineering’s Channel

Prompt Engineering is a knowledgeable AI YouTube Channel I think deserves the top spot in our list. Boasting an impressive 118K subscribers, Prompt Engineering is a treasure trove for AI enthusiasts and coders alike.

The channel is helmed by a Ph.D. holder specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Coding.

The content is diverse, ranging from tutorials on creating perfect prompts for ChatGPT to in-depth discussions on the latest coding models like CODE-LLAMA and WizardCoder-34B.

We have also covered WizardCode-34B in one of our recent blog posts if you would like to read more about it.

Some of the most popular videos include a step-by-step guide on creating AI-animated avatars and tutorials on using ChatGPT with personal PDF files.

The channel also offers insights into various large language models and their applications. Whether you’re an AI researcher, a coding professional, or someone curious about the intersection of AI and coding,

Prompt Engineering is a must-follow for cutting-edge content.

Wes Roth – YouTube

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Wes Roth’s Channel

With over 27.3K subscribers, Wes Roth is a prominent voice in the AI community on YouTube. His channel, “AI News by Wes Roth,” brings the latest in AI news, emerging tech, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

Covering a wide range of topics from AI, robots, virtual reality, space, self-driving cars, to video games, and notable figures like Elon Musk and Sam Altman, Wes Roth ensures his audience stays updated with the most recent advancements.

Some of his popular videos include discussions on NVIDIA’s use of GPT-4 in Minecraft, leaks about Google AI and OpenAI, and insights into the capabilities of GPT-4.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a professional in the field, Wes Roth’s channel is a must-follow for comprehensive and timely AI content.

Matt Wolfe – YouTube

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Matt Wolfe’s Channel

Matt Wolfe, with a staggering 419K subscribers, is a beacon for tech enthusiasts, especially those intrigued by AI, No-Code technologies, and futurism.

His tagline, “AI, No-Code, Tech, Futurism – I’m a tech nerd and talk about tech nerd stuff,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of his channel. Matt’s videos are a blend of the latest AI news, deep dives into generative art, and hands-on tutorials on various AI tools.

Some of his recent videos include discussions on the capabilities of new AI models, insights into AI-generated art, and tutorials on creating content using AI.

His popular videos, such as “This Is Better Than ChatGPT” and “Creating AI Generated Logos Using MidJourney,” have garnered millions of views, showcasing his expertise and the value he brings to his audience.

Whether you’re a novice in the world of AI or a seasoned tech enthusiast, Matt Wolfe’s channel is a goldmine of information and insights.

Matthew Berman – YouTube

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Matthew Berman’s Channel

Matthew Berman’s YouTube channel, the second Matt on our list with a commendable subscriber count of 73.4K, is a hub for all things related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Open Source, Generative Art, AI Art, Futurism, and more.

His content spectrum ranges from in-depth discussions on Large Language Models (LLM) and ChatGPT to tutorials on Machine Learning, Technology, and Coding.

One of his standout videos, “Fully Autonomous NPCs 🤯 – Putting ‘Open World’ To Shame (ChatGPT-Powered),” has garnered over 194K views, showcasing the potential of AI in gaming.

His recent uploads delve into the capabilities of models like CODE LLAMA and the latest in AI news, ensuring his audience is always at the forefront of AI advancements.

Whether you’re an AI novice or a seasoned professional, Matthew Berman’s channel offers a wealth of knowledge, insights, and hands-on tutorials that cater to a wide audience.

InTheWorldOfAI – YouTube

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InTheWorldOfAI’s Channel

InTheWorldOfAI, with a dedicated following of 18.3K subscribers, is a channel that pushes the boundaries of creative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for everyday tasks.

The channel’s motto, “World of Ai is here to push the creative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for simple day-to-day tasks,” captures its essence perfectly.

The content is rich and varied, offering tips, tricks, and guides on using AI applications to simplify daily life. Some of the standout videos include tutorials on installing Llama 2 on both local and cloud setups, insights into the capabilities of new AI models like CODE LLAMA, and discussions on AI-generated art.

We have actually covered How to Install Code Llama on our blog, check it out if you would like to read more about that.

The channel also has a series called “Insane Ai News of the Week,” which covers the most groundbreaking news in the AI world.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to integrate AI into your daily routine or an AI enthusiast eager to stay updated, InTheWorldOfAI is a channel that promises to make your life easier and more informed.

AI Jason – YouTube

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AI Jason’s Channel

With a subscriber count of 27.6K, AI Jason, also known as Jason Zhou, stands out as a product designer who delves deep into the world of AI experiments and products.

His channel’s motto, “My name is Jason Zhou, a product designer who shares interesting AI experiments & products. Email me if you need help building AI apps!” gives a glimpse into his expertise and passion for AI.

Some of his notable videos include tutorials and insights such as “okay, but I want GPT to perform 10x for my specific use case” which has garnered over 281K views, and other intriguing topics like “Next Level Prompts?“, “LLAMA2 supercharged with vision & hearing?!“, and “How to 10x chatbot UX? 🤖 🖼️“.

Jason’s approach to AI is both educational and practical, making his content invaluable for those looking to integrate AI into their products or simply learn more about the latest advancements in the field.

The AI Advantage – YouTube

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The AI Advantage’s Channel

“The AI Advantage” is a thriving YouTube channel with a subscriber base of 152K, dedicated to unlocking the superpowers of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The channel’s tagline, “Let’s unlock your AI superpowers by exploring some possibilities!” perfectly encapsulates its mission to educate and inspire.

The content is diverse and rich, covering a range of topics from ChatGPT guides, AI art tutorials, to in-depth discussions on the latest in AI.

Some of the standout videos include “How To Use Chat GPT by Open AI For Beginners” with a whopping 2.9M views, and “How To Generate INSANE AI Art For Beginners (Midjourney V4)” which has garnered 1.4M views.

The channel also offers a series of courses, guides, and live streams, ensuring that viewers have a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape.

Whether you’re a beginner curious about AI or a seasoned professional, “The AI Advantage” offers a plethora of insights, tutorials, and cutting-edge content that caters to all.

AI Explained – YouTube

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AI Explained’s Channel

“AI Explained” is a dynamic YouTube channel with a strong following of 184K subscribers, dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of the AI world.

The channel’s mission is to cover “the biggest news of the century – the arrival of smarter-than-human AI,” providing insights into what is currently happening, potential future developments, and the implications for humanity.

Their content spans a wide range of topics, from breaking down major AI benchmarks like “SmartGPT” to discussing the potential of AI consciousness.

Some of their notable videos include “SmartGPT: Major Benchmark Broken – 89.0% on MMLU + Exam’s Many Errors,” “Can AI Be Contained? + New Realistic AI Avatars and AI Rights in 2 Years,” and “11 Major AI Developments: RT-2 to ‘100X GPT-4’.

For those eager to understand the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and its broader implications, “AI Explained” offers a comprehensive and insightful perspective.

AI Revenue Pro – YouTube


AI Revenue Pro’s Channel

AI Revenue Pro, led by the charismatic Mr. Lemon, is a channel that boasts 23.7K subscribers and is dedicated to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost online income.

The channel’s mission is to guide viewers through the dynamic landscape of online money-making using AI.

With content ranging from tutorials on creating hyper-realistic AI influencers to AI-driven strategies for financial growth, the channel is a goldmine for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike.

Some of the standout videos include “Create Hyper-Realistic AI Influencers | AI Instagram Model | Step-by-Step Tutorial ✨” with over 419K views and a series on making money with AI.

Whether you’re intrigued by tech-driven earnings or looking to elevate your grasp on AI and revenue, AI Revenue Pro promises an exciting journey into the world of AI-powered financial growth.

AIRevolutionX – YouTube

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AI Revolution’s Channel

“AI Revolution” stands as a premier AI media channel with a remarkable 59.5K subscribers. The channel’s mission is to spotlight the most significant advancements in artificial intelligence, breaking down intricate concepts into easily digestible content.

Their tagline, “The ultimate AI media channel for the greatest advancements in artificial intelligence, where we break down complex concepts into digestible content,” perfectly encapsulates their approach.

Some of their notable videos include “China is Creating Next-Level Human-like AI Robots + @Microsoft Paint is AI Now!” and “New AI – Code Llama – Broke the Internet: Why Everyone’s Switching from GPT-4.

The channel also covers updates from major AI players like OpenAI and Google, ensuring viewers are always informed about the latest breakthroughs and developments in the AI world.


Hopefully these AI YouTube Channels give you enough knowledge to keep up with the ever-evolving AI landscape.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, subscribing to these channels will keep you informed and inspired. Happy learning!

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