Unleashing Chat GPT 4’s Jaw-Dropping Power: How It Transformed My Life Beyond Belief

Chat GPT 4 in ChatGPT Plus

A Brief Introduction to Chat GPT 4, Its Features, And Capabilities

The latest iteration of OpenAI’s language model systems is GPT 4, an upgrade from the highly successful GPT 3.5. Which was released in November of 2022; it quickly rose to fame, crossing 1 million users in just five days of launching.

What is Chat GPT? GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a large language model (LLM) employing deep learning techniques to produce conversational text closely resembling human communication. Chat GPT allows you to interact with the LLM in a chat-based conversational form. 

Access to Chat GPT 4 requires a Chat GPT Plus plan which costs $20 per month. This plan gives you 25 GPT 4 prompts every 3 hours, availability even when there is high demand, faster response speed, and priority access to new features, which currently is only Chat GPT 4.

If you can’t afford the $20 a month for GPT 4, the free Chat GPT 3.5 is still suitable for most use cases. However, it needs help with writing program code and maths.

I will share how to access Chat GPT4 for free later in the article.

Chat GPT 4 Has Positively Impacted My Life and Workday

My journey with Chat GPT 4 has been transformative. It has significantly enhanced my daily life and work routine positively.

I have been using chat GPT 3 since launch, testing its capabilities and features. I have used it to improve my daily life and work life. I was telling everyone around me how amazing it was and trying to get them to adopt it without much luck! 

I am writing this article to share my knowledge and teach others to utilize this future-like technology.

Section 1: How can Chat GPT 4 Can Help Your Life and Workdays?

Enhancing Productivity – Using Chat GPT 4 to streamline daily tasks and routines

Emails are an enormous waste of time! I struggle to think of a polite way to respond. Now I don’t even have to consider how I reply. Instead, I paste the email I need to respond to into GPT 4 and ask it to write a reply to this email.

Chat GPT 4 Email Prompt

If I find this response too wordy, I will ask chat GPT to shorten the reply.

I use GPT 4 as an enhanced Google search. I often need to write some code to do something specific. Now I can type a simple idea of what I want to do into GPT-4, and it will suggest a way forward to do the tasks and even spit out working code. GPT-4 saves me time googling, and I can also ask questions on top of the original prompt.

Look at this video where Chat GPT 4 Created a Python calculator!

GPT 4 Calculator

Boosting efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and organizing information

Chat GPT-4 is excellent for helping with all writing tasks. I often get GPT-4 to write templates for documentation I need to write. 

Summarising significant passages of text or large technical documents. GPT-4 can handle a large text prompt and summarise it into 1 paragraph or extract the most critical points from a research paper.

If you are looking to fully automate GPT-4 and give it current access to the internet, see my guide on How to Install Auto GPT.

Section 2: Boosting Creativity

Harnessing Chat GPT 4’s potential in generating creative ideas and solutions

Generating ideas with GPT 4 is fantastic! I often have a general idea about something I am interested in and ask Chat GPT to expanding on my current idea, asking it to generate more ideas from my original idea. This allows you to discover more ideas that you may have never considered.

Utilizing the AI’s language capabilities for content creation, including writing, brainstorming, and editing

I think everyone knows how amazing the content creation of Chat GPT is. Universities are struggling to keep up with the AI generated essays. I don’t recommend using it to cheat essays as AI generated content is easily to detected. However, I do recommend using it as a study buddy.

Ask GPT 4 for an example layout for an essay then brainstorm back and forth for idea creation for topics, it may bring up a topic that you don’t understand and GPT can explain it to you.

Enhancing your problem-solving skills by consulting Chat GPT-4 for different perspectives and suggestions

Using prompts that set a context can enhance GPT 4 “As a professional cyber security expert teach me about x”. I will use these types of prompts for any topic I am learning about or creating content for. Setting the context allows the response to be more appropriate for your needs.

Real-life instances where Chat GPT-4 has contributed to creative breakthroughs

In my own personal experience, Chat GPT-4 has given me numerous creative ideas for birthday presents, making each gift personal and unique. It has suggested innovative products or experiences and helped design heartfelt messages and tailored gift-wrapping ideas.

Furthermore, Chat GPT-4 has played a crucial role in identifying ways to improve my life, such as suggesting new hobbies, exercise routines, and productivity hacks. Chat GPT-4 has undoubtedly enriched my life and the lives of those around me by offering an endless array of imaginative ideas and solutions.

Section 3: Learning and Personal Growth

Using Chat GPT 4 as a knowledge resource for learning new topics and skills

Chat GPT 4 can allow you to learn incredibly fast. Compared to Googling what you want to learn and clicking on different websites that only partially cover the topic you are trying to learn. Chat GPT 4 can compile an in-depth explanation on screen and allows you to ask questions about the information it provides.

Chat GPT-4 as a tutor or study aid, providing explanations and clarifications.

Using Chat GPT-4 as a study aid is invaluable. Asking GPT-4 to generate exam questions on your topic is one technique I use to test my knowledge gaps.

Incorporating AI-driven self-improvement techniques into your daily routine

Explain to GPT-4 the tasks you need to complete within the day, and it will be able to provide you with an appropriate schedule. Provide it with your weekly schedule and get it to block out time with your top priorities and goals in mind.


In conclusion, Chat GPT 4 has emerged as an incredibly versatile and powerful AI-driven tool that has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our personal and professional lives.

I have personally experienced the transformative impact of Chat GPT 4 on my daily life and work, and I am excited to share this knowledge.

From enhancing productivity and boosting creativity to facilitating learning and personal growth, Chat GPT 4 is a reliable assistant in numerous ways.

It streamlines daily tasks and aids in content creation, problem-solving, and learning new skills. As we move forward, we can expect AI language models like Chat GPT 4 to significantly shape how we work, learn, and communicate.

Embracing and utilizing this cutting-edge technology will undoubtedly lead to more efficient, creative, and fulfilling lives for individuals and businesses.

So, let’s seize the opportunities provided by Chat GPT 4 and harness its full potential to transform our everyday experiences. From this post, I hope you can benefit from the incredible capabilities of Chat GPT-4 and embark on your own journey of discovery and growth.

How to Get Chat GPT 4 For Free

Free options for GPT 4 are generally limited or only free temporarily. I have had to remove sites from this list as they are no longer free. Please let me know if these sites stop working so I can continue to keep this list updated.


Use Chat GPT 4 for Free on Bing. Go to http://bing.com/new. Then click on “Chat” in the top-left corner. And start using GPT-4 for free.

After using Bing Chat GPT for a while not I can confidently say it is way worse than GPT 4, even though Bing is supposed to be using Open Ai’s GPT 4.

Hugging Face

The HuggingFace website https://huggingface.co provides access to various language models, including Chat GPT-4. Go to Hugging Face and navigate to the “Models” tab on the top menu bar.

https://huggingface.co/spaces/ysharma/ChatGPT4. Extremely long wait times for each prompt but is a good alternative to paying a monthly fee.


Ora is a website where you can quickly build LLM apps in a shareable chat interface. It allows users to try the Chat GPT-4 model for free and quickly. This site https://ora.sh/openai/gpt4 requires an account and works well with the first prompt, but it loses memory of what it has done in previous steps.


Merlin provides you with the power of ChatGPT Plus on all your favorite sites for free. You can: 1. Write email replies 2. Summarize any website 3. Generate new content ideas and many more on the Merlin website https://merlin.foyer.work.

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